Ergonomics anywhere


Effective working anywhere, with


Collapsible. PRO-Workspace has many ways of using it. You can either sit or stand while using it and anything in between. 

Ergonomics. Due to the various working positions that PRO-Workspace offers you can pick the best ergonomics for working.

Saves space. After your workday is done, you can easily dismantle the PRO-Workspace and put it out of sight.

Finnish design. PRO-Workspace is made in Finland from finnish birch plywood. That makes it sustainable and durable.


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Prices include VAT 24%, delivery time is 2-4 working days (in Finland).

Users comments

"Suitable for people of all lengths"  "Very ergonomic"

"Supportive, durable"   "Easy to assemble"

"It's professional"

PRO-Workspace in use, see Instagram and Facebook. Links at the bottom of the page!